How Much Can You Drink Before Being Considered Under the Influence?

It is no secret that it is illegal to drink and drive. Unfortunately, that isn’t enough to stop some individuals from getting behind the wheel when they have knocked back a few. In fact, the numbers have shown that someone dies from a collision involving alcohol every 50 minutes. That means 29 individuals are dying from a preventable death each day.

While the statistics are heart-breaking, nobody intends to drink and drive. However, many people that do become intoxicated and then get behind the wheel of a car do not take their drinking seriously – some even believe that it would take many more drinks to become considered under the influence of alcohol. So that begs the question, just how much can you drink before you are under the influence?

In most states, anything over 0.08 in regards to blood alcohol content is illegal. The general belief is that it takes more than three drinks in one hour for a female to top this limit and four drinks for a male. Of course, this has a lot to do with the person’s weight and cannot be used as gospel for every individual.

In regards to feeling “drunk”, there are a number of factors that go into a feeling of intoxication and how long it will take to feel that way. The amount of food eaten, how long it has been since the individual last drank, as well as what they are choosing to drink at that moment. Some are even sensitive to sugar while they are drinking, meaning that a mixed drink or wine cooler, etc, may cause them to feel drunk faster.

The only way to safely drink is to do so at home or to enlist a designated driver if drinking is to take place in public. Also, drink responsibly to avoid potential bodily harm.

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