3 Major Effects Of Driving Drunk

Many people drive drunk without thinking much about its effects. Although there are many, we’ll discuss a few. Here are three effects of driving drunk.

  1. Slow Reaction Time
    Driving drunk is a horrible idea because alcohol causes you to not think as fast as you would if you were sober. Driving drunk puts you at a greater risk of crashing or hitting a pedestrian because your reaction times won’t be normal; If a car suddenly braked in front of you, or a pedestrian randomly crossed the road without paying attention, then you might not be able to react in time if you are driving drunk. Falk & Falk Injury Lawyers says this happens much more often than you might think. Drunk driving has been an ongoing societal problem for us since the dawn of cars, yet still continues to increase.
  2. Poor Coordination
    Driving a vehicle requires excellent coordination because you are using your eyes, feet, and hands at the same time. Your hands need to properly grip and steer the wheel, while your feet are used to brake and accelerate and your eyes are used to ensure you remain on the road and alert of everything that is going on. Driving drunk is not smart because alcohol causes poor coordination.

All too often, drunk drivers sway left to right while driving or they have a hard time keeping their head and eyes facing towards the road. Furthermore, some people become confused when they drink. All of these side effects of drinking equals a very dangerous driver.

  1. Reduces Concentration
    Reduced concentration is another negative effect of drinking and driving. You will not be able to focus that good when you are driving drunk. Once again, this puts you at a greater risk of being involved in an accident.

Driving drunk should be avoided at all costs. If you drive drunk, then you are putting yourself and other drivers at risk of getting hurt. Drinking alcohol can result in poor coordination, slow reaction time and reduced concentration, all of which are required to operate a vehicle safely.

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